How to join

1.) Make sure you meet our requirements for joining:

  • Minimum Age Requirement: 18 Years old. Those under 18 are not allowed. No exceptions.
  • Need to have non-steam DCS Beta installed.
  • Discord and working microphone/speakers/headset. You need to hear us, we need to hear from you. You will not be allowed to begin initial training without these.
  • Ability to attend training and/or operations on various dates from 2000 (8:00pm) – 2359 (11:59pm) Central Standard Time.


2.) Read and Understand the Definition of Realism Gaming:

  • The Air Combat Command Realism Unit is a volunteer unit. By applying, you are stating that a realism environment is how you want to play DCS World. When involved in official unit activities, you will play your part. Whether you are a 2nd Lieutenant, Major, or Colonel; or a wingman, flight lead, or mission commander; you are here because realism in gaming is what you want. If you don’t wish to participate in this manner, then this unit is likely not the place for you.


3.) Check the current open billets for a list of open jobs within the Unit.

  • Below is a table of our current open billets.


4.) Fill out our Application Form.

  • Do it right the first time; our recruiting team will appreciate it and your application can be processed faster. If you cannot fill out the application in its entirety then don’t submit it. Wait until you have all of the required information before applying.


5.) Wait patiently.

  • We have real lives, real jobs, and real commitments to many other things outside of this unit. Your application will be processed as quickly as possible. Sometimes that is an hour, sometimes it’s a few days. Check your discord daily for a server invite where you can setup your date and time of your interview. 


6.) Receive Acceptance.

  • If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point then you should receive a discord message with a “conditional job offer” (CJO), as well as a instructions on your next steps. Follow these instructions, ask questions when you need to, and have fun!


What training will be required of you:

  • After you are accepted, you will be assigned an Instructor Pilot to help you through training. By submitting your application, you understand that you will have to complete Mission Qualification Training Level 1 prior to being able to participate in operations. Based on your level of experience you will be placed into 1 of 3 training categories: UPT (for new pilots), IFF (for experienced pilots that need a refresher), or BFQ (for combat ready pilots that need ACC SOP familiarization).

Mission Qualification Training Level 1 consists of:

  • ACC Leadership Course: Indoc
  • Mission Qualification Checkride
    • Start-up, Taxi, Take-off, Recovery, Landing, Basic Air-to-Ground and Basic Air-to-Air engagements, and Communications
  • Formation Validation
    • Formation Check-in, Taxi, Take-off, Basic Formation Maneuvers, Recovery, Landing, and Formation Communications


Understanding the difference between Reserve and Active membership:

  • Active: Willing and able to fly at least 3 times per month; or provide administrative duties on a consistent basis. Active duty officers receive full credit for time in grade and are promoted normally.
  • Reserve: Willing (even if not able) to fly at least once a month. Removed from squadron roster and placed in Reserve status. Reserve officers can participate in official unit events as long as they completed the previous CQ Training requirements. Reserve officers receive no credit for time in grade and thus are promoted at a slower rate, up to the rank of Captain.