Air Combat Command is an immersive realism group operating within DCS World. We not only strive to master our craft as pilots, but act our part as officers in this virtual pilot group within reason as we all have real life families and responsibilities. When potential officers apply to ACC, they understand that they are becoming more than a virtual pilot, they are choosing to live the life of a virtual officer as well.

We are all familiar with the real world USAF MAJCOM Air Combat Command. This virtual group strives to uphold the values and honor of our USAF warfighters. Our Virtual Air Combat Command Realism Group operates all current USAF fighters as well as the Apache, Hercules, Huey, and Blackhawk. We are an organized group of virtual aviators and warfighters looking to not only win our battles, but to win our wars. 

What does it mean to live the life of a virtual officer?

Any kid can jump on to Hoggit, Sidewinder, or Flashpoint server and fly. 

That is not who we are.

The virtual officers here in the (v)Air Combat Command Realism group are members of a close nit organization with a focus on Squadron level 
tactics and procedures. Any member has the potential of becoming a flight lead, squadron commander, or wing commander. 
We break the mold in DCS aviation by placing realistic emphasis on logistics and planning. Where our line pilots fly the mission,
our mid-level leaders identify threats and prepare to fly the mission, which was created by our senior officers. Above all that, our senior officers
are dynamically monitoring the campaign serving more or less as game masters progressing the story and
building an immersive atmosphere for all participants.

Join Us and Be A Part of Our Story